End of Tenancy Agreement

The tenancy agreement between the tenant and OES comes to an expiry at the last day of the contract as specified in the housing system at the time of the booking. For GUtech student, the last day of the tenancy contract is by default the last day of the semester or the academic year, as per the approved and published academic calendar.

The tenant shall be responsible for getting the housing supervisor to check the condition of the rented unit at the end of the contract, by following the announced procedures on the housing system.

Tenants should leave their rented units in a clean and tidy condition and clear out unwanted items and personal belongings on the last day of the tenancy agreement.

OES housing shall not be held accountable for and dispose of any items left in a unit/room after the expiry of the tenancy period and the departure of the tenant from the rented unit/room.

Late payment penalty

A late payment penalty shall apply to each instalment paid after the published deadlines.

A tenant is responsible for uploading the transfer/ATM slip onto the system before the deadline to avoid the late payment penalty.

Fines and Additional Charges

The cost of damages attributed to tenants shall be fully deducted from the booking fee/security deposit, when the tenancy contract comes to an end.