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We strive to provide tenants with all the services and the facilities required to guarantee them a pleasant stay in OES owned and/or managed properties.

From past experience, we have come across different damages caused by tenants. These damages incur costs that are charged to tenants.

List of Fines and Charges

 Description Fines (OMR)
Unpaid instalment 5/- on each unpaid instalment
Damaging mattress 50/-
Loss of drawers’ key 5/-
Breaking room furniture 30/-
Removing appliances/electronics from its place


OMR 20/- on each tenant where the removed appliance is found in his/her room
Pets or animals kept in Accommodation 50/-
Alteration to the display of furniture 10/- per item
Alteration to the room’s paint 30/- on each tenant
Loss of room key 5/- for replacement
Lock-out charge 1/- for opening the door
Changing rooms after confirmation of booking 10/-
Smoking in rooms and/or building 5/-
Untidy and messy kitchen 5/-
Untidy and messy common areas 5/-
Littering 5/-
Trash left outside rooms 5/-