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We strive to provide tenants (students and interns) with all the services and facilities for a pleasant stay in OES owned and/or managed properties.

We do not charge tenants a “damage deposit” and we do not add charges for any anticipated damages to the room rent. Rather, we charge each tenant upon check-out of the room at the end of the contract duration for items that need repair according to the conditions of the room that are different from those at their check-in. Most of recurrent damages have been included in the table of damages provided here, however, the management of OES reserves the right to apply fines on any other damages not captured in the table below.

Shared Responsibility

 Description Actions Amount of fine(OMR)
Triggering the fire alarm by smoking (b) candles/incense/fireworks Warning + Fine 10/- per tenant
Obstructing doors from closing to let others enter rooms and buildings Warning + Fine 10/- per tenant
Keeping cooking equipment in rooms Warning + Fine 10/- per tenant
Placing stickers on walls, mirror, doors of rooms Fine 25/- per tenant
Damaging blind/Ripping off blind Fine 25/- per tenant
Breaking wall mirror in rooms (Ahlan 2) Fine 35/- per tenant
Leaving food and other items in the fridge Fine 5/- per tenant
Removing appliances/electronics from their place Fine 10/- per tenant
Alteration to the display of furniture Not allowed + warnings
Dirty and messy kitchens in shared apartments Fine 5/- per tenant (this does not cover the fine on fridges left full with food and unwanted items)
Dirty and messy common areas Fine 10/- per tenant
Dirty and messy rooms (shared rooms) Fine 10/- per tenant
Covering and/or damaging smoke detectors Warnings + Expulsion 50/- per tenant
Damaging the refrigerator Fine 250/- applicable to all tenants of the unit
Damaging the cooker Fine 250/- applicable to all tenants of the unit
Damaging the hood Fine 75/- applicable to all tenants of the unit
Breaking kitchen’s cabinets Fine 30/- per door applicable to all tenants of the unit
Damaging shoe bench Fine 7.5/- per tenant


Individual Responsibility

 Description Actions Amount of fine(OMR)
Letting in unregistered tenants Warning + Fine 100/-
Staying in residences/accommodation without proper registration and contract Warning + Fine 100/-
Unpaid instalment Fine 5/- per instalment
Damaging mattress (staining, ironing…) Fine 50/-
Damaging bed frame Fine 50/-
Placing stickers on closets Fine 25/-
Losing keys or access card or breaking locks Fine 10/-
Breaking stool Fine 30/-
Failing to check out from room through the system Fine & Daily or Monthly rate of room whatever is lesser 5/- & daily or monthly rate as per room type
Pets or animals kept in rooms/buildings Not allowed + warnings
Misuse of fire extinguishers Warning
Lock-out charge Warning
Non-evacuation during a fire alarm Warning
Excessive noise Warnings
Smoking in rooms and/or building Warning + Fine 10/-
Smoking in prohibited area Warning
Entering prohibited areas (e.g. roof) Warning
Dirty and messy room (single rooms) Fine 50/-
Trash left outside rooms Warning


Additional charges

Additional charges Amount (OMR)
Changing rooms after confirmation of booking 10/-
Loss of access card/replacement fee 10/-