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Student Accommodation – Daily, Weekly, and Monthly Rates


When you choose to book a room on a daily, weekly, or a monthly basis, the corresponding rent becomes due in full and immediately, along the security deposit amount. 

Regardless of the duration of your booking, all refunds will be processed at the end of the Winter semester. We will not be able to process any refunds beforehand. 

OES accommodation is not subject to GUtech decisions about the format of teaching. Please ensure to check your timetable before booking and paying for accommodation. We are not responsible for any changes in your timetable and we will not be able to make any refunds following any changes in the timetable. Again, all refunds, if eligible and applicable, will be handled within few weeks after leaving accommodation.

Room type Security deposit
Daily rate Weekly rate Monthly rate
Triple en-suite room 100 5 25 80
Triple occupancy apartment 100 6 33 96
Single en-suite room 100 10 52 150

Student Accommodation – Semester Rental Rates

The semester tenancy agreement is the minimum rental option available to students. The semester rate is an economic option comparing to the weekly and the daily rates. We offer you the option to pay the semester rent in four (4) installments if you wish. If you choose to pay the full semester rate in full, you will be able to make saving worth 3% of the total semester rent (providing that you pay before a predefined date).

Room type Security deposit Semester rental 1st 2nd 3rd 4th
Quadruple en-suite room 100 300 90 70 70 70
Quadruple en-suite room (for low-income families) 50 225 75 50 50 50
Triple en-suite room  100 340 100 80 80 80
Single en-suite room 100 640 190 150 150 150

Student Accommodation – Annual Rental Rates (40 weeks)

You may also choose to book accommodation for one academic year (40 weeks). This means that you will be assigned the same bed and room for the entire academic year, without having to check out during the semester break. You may choose to pay the yearly rent in full or in eight (8) installments.

Room type Security deposit Annual rental 1st installment 2nd to 4th installment 5th installment 6th to 8th installment
Quadruple en-suite room  100 600 90 70 90 70
Quadruple en-suite room (for low-income families) 50 450 75 50 75 50
Triple en-suite room  100 680 100 80 100 80
Single en-suite room 100 1280 190 150 190 150

All rental rates cover the following costs:

  • Utilities (electricity, water, cooking gas)
  • Wi-Fi
  • Security & supervision
  • Weekly shopping trips
  • Trip from and to the airport
  • Parking lots adjacent to the student housing residences only

Important Notes:

(1) Extra days of stay are payable based on the daily published rate.

(2) When a tenant chooses to cancel the rental contract after the start of the tenancy agreement, at least 50% of the total value of the tenancy agreement becomes immediately.

Staff/Non-Staff Housing Rates (OMR)

Occupancy type


Monthly Rate (OMR)


Daily Rate (OMR)

Security Deposit
Single room 200/250 13/17 100
1 Bedroom apartment 300/375 20/25 100
2 Bedroom apartment 400/500 27/33 100

Interns Housing Rates (OMR)

Occupancy type Monthly Rate** Daily Rate Security Deposit
Single room 200 13 100
Twin room 135 9 100
Triple room 110 7 100

**Note: The rates above cover the rent, the utilities, and Wi-Fi.